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Student User and Email Accounts

Please make a note of the following information. This is crucial to the way students access computers and email.

1. HUSD provides unique Novell network accounts for each Grade 3-12 student.

  • Novell accounts allow students to log in to desktop and laptop computers, except Chromebooks.
  • Each student has a personal F drive, similar to staff, which can store personal school-related files.
  • Students and Teachers also have access to the student S drive for teachers to share documents with students

2. HUSD provides unique Google Apps accounts for each Grade 3-12 student.

  • Google accounts allow students to log in to Gmail, Google Drive, and dozens of other Google provided services.
  • Google accounts are also used when logging in to Chromebooks.
  • Students and Teachers have access to Google Classroom allowing teachers to send assignments and students to submit work.


Q: What is the student's user name and password?

  • Student usernames consist of the student's first initial, last initial, and entire student Perm ID number without any leading zeros. For example, John Doe with student perm id number 123456 would have account user jd123456. His email address would be
  • Please contact our help desk to get a student's default temporary password.
  • When the student logs in for the first time, they will be prompted to set a password of their choice.
  • We highly recommend that all students set up password recovery options with a phone number or alternate email.

Q: How and when is a student account created?

  • Once a student has been entered into Aeries at your school site, student accounts will be available by the next day. This includes all students, not just those assigned to a computer related class.
  • In the unlikely event a student is registered and begins classes on the same day, we will also be able to create student accounts on the fly when you contact the Help Desk by email or phone with the student's full name, Perm ID number, grade, and your school name.

Q: What if a student forgets their password?

  • At the start of every school year, all students Novell passwords are reset. We have no plans to reset Google passwords so that students can use their accounts continually over summer break.
  • Teachers are provided a tool to reset student passwords. Or any teacher can call the help desk to request a student password reset.

Q: How can students and teachers share documents? How can students submit work?

  • Google Apps Methods
    • Teachers can create classes in Google Classroom and send assignments to students who can in turn submit their work back to the teacher.
    • Alternatively, students can create documents in Google Drive and share them with teachers directly.
  • Student (S) Drive Method
    • Students and teachers both have access to the student S drive. This is a place where students and teachers can work together.
    • If a teacher needs students to submit work on the S drive we can create a special type of folder for this. Many teachers already have this. Please contact us for assistance.

Q: What about the generic student account (mascot account) or lab specific accounts?

  • Elementary students will continue to use the generic student account.
  • At middle and high schools, generic accounts will remain active and will be used almost exclusively for assessment testing.
  • Unique student accounts encourage accountability because we are better able to track students' internet use and any malicious attempts to damage other users' files or emails. This also allows students to keep their documents safe in their own F drive where no other student can access them.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

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