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Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a special interface or collaboration tool that serves as a “front-end” for Google Drive, allowing Teachers and Students to work with Google Drive documents more efficiently.

Classroom is accessible via the web at on any internet connected device. Additionaly, apps are available for most mobile devices:

iOS App

Android App

Teachers can:

  • Create classes or groups of students
  • Send mass emails to their students
  • Give assignments to students
  • Receive documents from students
  • Mark up, comment on, edit and return student documents
  • Grade assignments
  • Post and email announcements on their class page

Students can:

  • Receive assignments from teachers
  • Submit documents and other work
  • Make comments or ask questions
  • Receive returned work
  • Check grades on work submitted through Google Classroom.

Introducing Google Classroom

Google Classroom Help Center

Google Classroom 101 - Video

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